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Final DS106 Project: Coach Boone’s Back

COACH HERMAN BOONE (Remember the Titans, 2000)

August 1971
Coach Herman Boone stood on the edge on the field, pensively staring up at the chipped, yellow field goal post. The sun made his eyes burn, so he turned and strode confidently back to the bench.

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 7.50.01 PM

As a newly integrated, high school football team, the TC Williams Titans had little hope for a bright season. They could barely run a play without an argument ensuing, much less navigate a successful play. “We can do it,” he would say, but intolerance was prevailing. Coach was discouraged, but had thought of an idea to inspire his players.

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At first, the t-shirts seemed like an unpopular decision. But, something had to be done. He had hoped they would inspire his players, and therefore, inspire the other students as well. With a passionate and genuine appeal, Coach Boone managed to inspire the young men with an unforgettable post-work out speech.

Truly inspired by his courage and determination to unite the members of his team, an anonymous person created a website to honor Coach Boone. Was it a student? Was it a parent? Was it the principal? Was it the mayor?

Did it even matter?

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 7.07.53 PM

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 7.08.01 PM

And united, they were.

Audio Assignment #2: Elle Woods’ Voicemail

Delta Gamma Nu and always in pink: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. An instant classic. As a blonde, this film was one of my absolute favorites growing up. At the peak of middler school era “dumb blonde” jokes, this movie always gave me a positive outlook on being blonde. While they sexualize her in the movie, she proves herself to be competent and beautiful. WHAT ELSE COULD A WOMEN ASPIRE TO BE?!

However, she is girly, which I thoroughly tried to play up in the voicemail. *Kisses* as a sign off sounds very “Elle.”

Audio Assignment #1: May I Take Your Order?

English muffins and tea, please. Where could I possibly be from?

I chose this audio assignment because I think it taps in to the notion that McDonald’s, although they may appear to be universal, can be quite different from country to country. I have been inside McDonald’s in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Melbourne, London, etc. Every single location develops its own unique way to blend in their culture without straying too far from what you would regularly expect from a McDonald’s. For example, they had soup options at the McDonald’s in China! In France and Australia, they had sandwiches I had never even heard of before. Some of them sounded delicious, while others sounded utterly repulsive. It was still so bizarre.

Also, the atmosphere varies as well. The McDonald’s I stepped into while I was visiting Rome felt like a modern nightclub, equipped with neon-esqe lights, upbeat music, and way trendier uniforms that the basic ones we see in McDonald’s around here. The seating area also reflected that of an actual modernized restaurant, instead of an American based fast food chain!

I find these differences to be very interesting, especially because I love traveling. And as someone who has been blessed with a variety of exotic traveling experiences, I can say with certainty that each McDonald’s location gets culturalized a little bit itself. Abroad, we hear all about the American influence and how it has effected the world, but just knowing that these countries manage to maintain a bit of their own creativity is refreshing to hear. I also just find it plain exciting to see what differences I can spot out!

See more of what I’m talking about here:

My process: SoundCloud proved to be an excellent resource for this assignment. It allowed me to easily embed my audio straight into my blog post.

First SoundCloud Audio Recording

Ta-da! Here is my first audio recording on SoundCloud! I thought it was going to be much more of a hassle to create an account, but I actually found the site to be very manageable and well designed! I chose an avatar picture as a measure for personalizing my profile. I am excited to use this site more frequently! I did my little “broadcast” on the incredible World Cup game I just watched– Germany vs. Argentina! And my homeland was victorious- what a day already!