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Final DS106 Project: Coach Boone’s Back

COACH HERMAN BOONE (Remember the Titans, 2000)

August 1971
Coach Herman Boone stood on the edge on the field, pensively staring up at the chipped, yellow field goal post. The sun made his eyes burn, so he turned and strode confidently back to the bench.

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As a newly integrated, high school football team, the TC Williams Titans had little hope for a bright season. They could barely run a play without an argument ensuing, much less navigate a successful play. “We can do it,” he would say, but intolerance was prevailing. Coach was discouraged, but had thought of an idea to inspire his players.

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At first, the t-shirts seemed like an unpopular decision. But, something had to be done. He had hoped they would inspire his players, and therefore, inspire the other students as well. With a passionate and genuine appeal, Coach Boone managed to inspire the young men with an unforgettable post-work out speech.

Truly inspired by his courage and determination to unite the members of his team, an anonymous person created a website to honor Coach Boone. Was it a student? Was it a parent? Was it the principal? Was it the mayor?

Did it even matter?

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And united, they were.