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My D.S. Assignment #1: Create A Pinterest Board Of Your Dream Vacation!

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 11.42.10 AM

My dream vacation involves visiting three countries in Southeast Asia. I have been long awaiting the day that I save up enough money waitressing to travel abroad after I graduate! My plan is to start off in Thailand, then travel to Vietnam next, and finish my vacation in Indonesia. I would most likely spend 3 weeks in each country. I pinned a variety of sights and activities that I want to conquer while on my dream vacation including, visiting the Pink Beach on Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia; eating authentic Vietnamese spring rolls and pho, and visit the highly praised Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand.

In order to get the trip I want, I have to save up close to $5,000. Although the dollar is worth more than the currency used in the three aforementioned southeastern asian countries, travel expenses begin to accumulate. Airfare is the most expensive aspect (so book WAYYYY ahead of time), but attending certain park and other attractions can be pricey too. I would be backpacking and staying in hostels, so my accommodations would be relatively inexpensive. As for food, I am really looking forward to trying everything I can get my hands on. From street car vendors to glitzy restaurants, I want to try as many places as my budget will allow.

I will also need to get temporary holiday visas for each country, which I’ve heard is easy for Americans to receive. Unfortunately, that does not go both ways. For example, when I was in China last summer I spoke with several people who said it is extremely difficult for them to get visas to visit or vacation in the United States, which seems so unfair!

Daily Create #16: Metaphorical Stairs

TDC #14

Wearin’ my Jesus sandals, exploring paths unknown. The exquisite nature of this mosaic is unforgettable. Each piece of stone strategically placed, an inspiration for my life. Glad I could share it with my fellow Daily Creators :)

Today’s Daily Create assignment is: “Show your mood today by taking a picture of stairs. Show your feet too. Stairs can be many things. They can be a path to enlightenment, a helper or an obstacle to getting up, or other things, too. Plus, a metaphor. Are you looking from the top or bottom of them? Show us some stairs!”
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Daily Create #13: From Atop the Great Wall

TDC #13

This picture embodies the idea of immortality from my perspective. Few things will beat what it felt like to get to one of the highest checkpoints on the Great Wall.

Today’s Daily Create assignment is: Create a photo that represents the idea of immortality. This is my mental montage. At the end of yours ask yourself, which of your options seems the most appealing, which ones seem like they’re within the realm of reason?” This blog post that gave me the idea. Can you create a photo that shows us your inner landscape?
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Daily Create #11: Cheer Up the Lonely Day


How To Make Any Day Better:
Eat a homemade bagel sandwich, play with a puppy, enjoy the beautiful summer weather with your best friends, and munch on the Thai Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.

Today’s Daily Create assignment is: Cheer Up the Lonely Day
“Can you do that in one photo? It’s a real holiday for July 11 because we found it on the internet. Now do it.”

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Design Assignment #2: Motivational Poster

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My Motivational Poster

This photograph was taken by me on the best trip of my entire life: Australia! For almost three weeks, I backpacked with my best friend all over the southern part of the beautiful country. Our trip took up the large majority of my past winter break, in between the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 semesters. I have never felt more at peace and relaxed than I did while I was relaxing on the picturesque beaches of Sydney. Bondi Beach is something I will never forget. Simply looking at this picture gives me an aura of tranquility.

My Process:

I used a photograph that I took while I was in Sydney, Australia as the inspiration for my motivational poster. To insert the text onto the image, I used Fotor Photo Text, then cropped it into the size I desired. Lastly, I uploaded it to Flickr and embedded it into this post.