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Weekly Summary: Week Four

I thought this week was a lot more fun than last week! I really enjoyed executing the video assignments– I am particularly glad I discovered Vine! I had fun with my product review video of my iPhone 5 as well. The daily creates were fun, per usual. And I loved getting comments on my posts this week. Since we started being required to send in our comments on Canvas, I have been getting a lot more in the past two weeks. I have LOVED reading what my classmates’ have to say about my digital creations. I appreciate all the criticism and praise I have received on both ends. I have also really enjoyed writing constructive criticism and compliments on the blogs of my classmates’. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome I think it is that everyone in the class personalized their pages in one way or another. I think it is a true depiction of their personalities and I have loved getting to know people through this outlet.

For this upcoming week, I have A TON of stuff due in all three of my summer classes. Graduation is within arms reach for me, but I need to kick butt this week in order to be truly successful and an official UMW graduate. I am going to give it my all and I really appreciate everyone who has engaged with me in this class thus far. You all have really helped me progress my technolgy abilities. THANK YOU!!

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TDC #13

TDC #13

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Weekly Summary: Week Three

This week brought about some trouble for me. Per usual, the daily creates were a delight. However, the audio assignments gave me a little bit of trouble. I’ve been experiencing some shotty internet connection recently and that prohibited me from doing some of the more complex audio assignments. However, I really enjoyed doing the voicemail assignment. I chose Elle Woods because I thought she would be a great character for me to impersonate. I was trying to decide between her and Joey from Friends. I decided on Elle because I feel like I encompass a lot more of her character than Joey.

I loved discovering SoundCloud. What a neat site! Not only does it make embedding the audio easier, it is a very manageable and navigable site! It did not take me too long to get the hang of recording my own audio and uploading MP3s I wanted to use in my assignments.

The Daily Creates

The Daily Create #9- Eckhardt

TDC #10


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TDC #9

TDC #10

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Audio Assignment #1

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First SoundCloud Recording

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Weekly Summary: Week Two

Summary of Week Two

Weekly Summary #1


So far, this course has been a whirlwind of information, both fascinating and not. At first, I really struggled with how to tag the TCDs, etc. But, I think that I am starting to get the hang of it now. I know that this particular class does not leave much margin for error because of the small time frame we have. At the beginning of the course, I couldn’t even figure out how to get to the webpage with the appropriate assignments and due dates! It was very stressful, but finally I was victorious. Now, I am actively on my blog every single day!

So far, my favorite part of the course has been customizing/personalizing my blog and doing the Daily Creates! I love that anyone can contribute these small, yet creative, daily activities. A few of them I have been very impressed by and thoroughly enjoyed participating in. My favorite TCDs are all the ones that involve photography because, like I stated on my blog’s “About Moi” page, my passions revolve around traveling and photography. I am very excited to begin digitalizing these passions. Especially so that I can share them with more people!!

I am still have difficulty with the following:
1. Categorizing our posts: Are we supposed to pick our own categories?
2. How many days a week should we listen to Scottlo’s Radio Blog? Every day?
3. Are my photographs protected by copyright while they are on Flickr/WordPress?
4. What kind of commentary counts for participation? How will you know when we write on others’ blogs? Should we keep track of this kind of information on our own?

I have also strayed from the syllabus and started developing my own blog posts with photography I’ve been wanting to showcase for a while. I just did not know of a better outlet than Facebook. I actually prefer the blog because I can arrange and set it up exactly how I want people to see it. That is such a strong benefit of blogging that I never thought of prior to this course. I honestly would never have thought to set up my own blog for the purpose of displaying my photographs– Now, I can’t stop adding photos to Flickr and making gallery albums to showcase my travels!

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