The Dog Days Are Over

The Dog Days Are Over
Daily Create #2

Written by Hayley Eckhardt on June 24, 2014 6:00 pm

From a sitting position, Sid relieved his front legs and stretched out on the wooden deck of the hotel. In the scorching heat, he lazily drank from a ceramic bowl of water that some kind lady had set out for him to enjoy. Sid reflected back on the past 63 years of his life and wondered how it was possible that he was only 9 in human years. Something didn’t seem right about that, it didn’t seem fair.

A sudden rush of movement caught his sight as he carefully sat upright, hoping he wouldn’t hurt his old bones. On all fours, Sid neared the edge of the patio to investigate the situation at hand. From there, he saw a piece of glimmering paper. Suspicious at first, he sauntered over to the shiny object. A step closer and he knew what it was simply from the smell that wafted into his wet nose. “That,” he thought to himself, “is a candy bar.”

Sid knew it was human food, he had seen his family enjoy them plenty of times. Standing directly over the object, he noticed that there was still remnants of the chocolate bar remaining! Eagerly, he devoured the silky chocolate, wrapper and all. Sid then heard a cry from the same woman who had brought him the bowl of water. He slowly turned towards the commotion and heard her say, “off to the vet we go.”