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Digital Storytelling Assignment & Tutorial #2

The Healthy Vine Challenge


Create a Vine video that illustrates you cooking a complete meal! You must include a meat (or protein source, if you have a personal preference or dietary restriction), a veggie side, and a healthy side of your choice. Take two 2-second clips of the meal preparations, then one 2-second clip of the final product, in all its glory!

**Remember: This is only a 6-second video, so stick with capturing three separate 2-second long clips.

First, if you don’t already have the application, Vine, then download it on your smartphone or via https://vine.co/.

Next, follow the steps of the application’s tutorial. It will give you specific directions on how to record individual video segments. When you are ready to begin, make sure you are on the app’s camera setting.

When you are finished recording your clips, the finished product will be a back to back video of everything you taped! It’s a really fun way to capture the highlights of whatever you’re doing, wether you’re at a concert, a family dinner, or just sitting in your living room, Vine is a creative outlet for anyone with an appreciate for how new digital technologies make cinematography so much easier!!

Once you have your finished product, e-mail the video to yourself. If you have a smartphone, then the video will automatically be saved in your photos. If you don’t, then e-mail yourself the URL. That way, you can easily embed the video into a blog post.

In this post describe why you chose the ingredients that you did. Also, explain your thought process. Did you wing it? Did you follow a recipe? Had you made any of it before? How often do you cook healthy foods? Talk about whatever you want regarding your experience with the Healthy Vine Challenge. The catch is you can only use a maximum of 250 words. That’s a small amount of words for a thorough explanation, so choose your words selectively– just like you did with your ingredients ;). But above all, be creative!

Here is my response to the Healthy Vine Challenge:

My D.S. Assignment #2: The Healthy Vine Challenge

The inspiration behind this assignment can be attributed to my eclectic mother. As I begin my last week of summer classes (and college, for that matter!), she lovingly brought me down a random assortment of ingredients. She told me it may be cathartic to cook a nice, healthy meal for myself in order to to refuel my brain and restore my energy. The meal I prepared for my Healthy Vine Challenge included a salmon filet, corn on the cob, and cucumbers.


1. For the salmon, I marinated it with a mango salsa. Right before placing the filet into the pan, I rubbed both sides with ground peppercorn to make the outside crispy and delicious. Lastly, I let it cook for approximately 8 minutes.

2. For the corn, I boiled a large pot of water and simply boiled the full cobs. Once tender enough to eat, after about 4 minutes, I lightly salted and spread a tiny amount of organic margarine along the sides.

3. For the cucumber, I began by quartering it and covering the strips in olive oil. Then, I placed them on my electric grill. I flipped them several times, but let them grill for the majority of 5 minutes. Then, I drizzled balsamic vinaigrette and a pinch of kosher sea salt on them.

And my mother was right, it felt (and tasted) great! I had forgotten how much I love the process of cooking. It’s a truly calming and rewarding act.

Video Assignment #2: iPhone Product Review


I chose to do the product review video assignment because I do not think I can emphasize enough how important easy, instant, and engaging communication is to my generation these days. The plain and simple fact is: iPhone make life easier. I feel comfortable saying that for many reasons. They eliminate a wide range of chores and errands that would require substantially more effort and time. Instead of making the journey all the way to the bank to deposit money into my account, I can easily do that from the comfort of my bed or, in more urgent situations, I can transfer money into my checking account at the register at any given store.

Not to mention, the iPhone gives us immediate access to weather reports, sporting event scores, the news (I have the CNN app, which I LOVE), popular recipes, an on-the-go camera to capture any moment one may deem picture-worthy, etc.

In all honesty, the iPhone has changed my life. I have spent the majority of my life away from home. I went to boarding school during my teenage years and have lived in an off campus house for most of college. This means I do not get to see my family or my friends from my hometown on a regular basis. My iPhone has made it possible for me to keep in touch with friends and family members scattered all over the globe. When I was in Australia, an American-esqe mixing bowl of nationalities, I met friends that lived in Germany, France, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Italy, Dubai, and many other countries as well. Through iMessaging, Facebook messenger, and apps such as WhatsApp, I can easily communicate with them at any given time, for free! What seems like a $1.99 application, to me, is truly invaluable. I do not underestimate the significance of these methods of instant communication. How else would new media be so popular and possible?!

My Process:

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 11.32.21 AM

I used the MacBook PhotoBooth application to record my video. I then uploaded my recording to YouTube and properly embedded the URL into this post. I used a vibrant, colored tapestry as my background to give off an aura of modernization, like how the iPhone has modernized accessible and immediate communication between individuals and groups of individuals.

Video Assignment #1: Vine it!


Please view my vine at the following link: Vine1

This was a tricky assignment. With only six seconds of video, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for creativity. But in my opinion, I managed ok! This Vine video is a very accurate depiction of my daily life. I have spent the majority of the past few years being a student and a waitress at Home Team Grill right next to UMW. Although serving has been a great experience (most of the time!), I am excited to move on to the next stage of my life!

I found Vine very easy and accessible to use. Once I had downloaded the app, it took me through a complete tutorial on how you properly use it! It was very manageable and I had a lot of fun experimenting with different combinations of clips. It was hard to chose the shot because I could only include a few, but I knew I had to have a cup of steaming coffee in there. Coffee has become my lifeblood since taking on summer classes and remaining a part time waitress at HTG.

This Vine video assignment also sparked an idea within me. I really want to put together a video of my fellow servers imitating their most annoying customer requests and complaints. I think it would be really funny for people to see the ridiculous things some people ask. It might even shock you!

My Process:


I used the Vine application and Vine application tutorial to learn the ropes of this fun program! Like I said before, I experimented with a great deal of other 6-second long videos, but the one I posted was definitely my favorite!