Digital Storytelling Assignment & Tutorial #2

The Healthy Vine Challenge


Create a Vine video that illustrates you cooking a complete meal! You must include a meat (or protein source, if you have a personal preference or dietary restriction), a veggie side, and a healthy side of your choice. Take two 2-second clips of the meal preparations, then one 2-second clip of the final product, in all its glory!

**Remember: This is only a 6-second video, so stick with capturing three separate 2-second long clips.

First, if you don’t already have the application, Vine, then download it on your smartphone or via

Next, follow the steps of the application’s tutorial. It will give you specific directions on how to record individual video segments. When you are ready to begin, make sure you are on the app’s camera setting.

When you are finished recording your clips, the finished product will be a back to back video of everything you taped! It’s a really fun way to capture the highlights of whatever you’re doing, wether you’re at a concert, a family dinner, or just sitting in your living room, Vine is a creative outlet for anyone with an appreciate for how new digital technologies make cinematography so much easier!!

Once you have your finished product, e-mail the video to yourself. If you have a smartphone, then the video will automatically be saved in your photos. If you don’t, then e-mail yourself the URL. That way, you can easily embed the video into a blog post.

In this post describe why you chose the ingredients that you did. Also, explain your thought process. Did you wing it? Did you follow a recipe? Had you made any of it before? How often do you cook healthy foods? Talk about whatever you want regarding your experience with the Healthy Vine Challenge. The catch is you can only use a maximum of 250 words. That’s a small amount of words for a thorough explanation, so choose your words selectively– just like you did with your ingredients ;). But above all, be creative!

Here is my response to the Healthy Vine Challenge:

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