Video Assignment #2: iPhone Product Review


I chose to do the product review video assignment because I do not think I can emphasize enough how important easy, instant, and engaging communication is to my generation these days. The plain and simple fact is: iPhone make life easier. I feel comfortable saying that for many reasons. They eliminate a wide range of chores and errands that would require substantially more effort and time. Instead of making the journey all the way to the bank to deposit money into my account, I can easily do that from the comfort of my bed or, in more urgent situations, I can transfer money into my checking account at the register at any given store.

Not to mention, the iPhone gives us immediate access to weather reports, sporting event scores, the news (I have the CNN app, which I LOVE), popular recipes, an on-the-go camera to capture any moment one may deem picture-worthy, etc.

In all honesty, the iPhone has changed my life. I have spent the majority of my life away from home. I went to boarding school during my teenage years and have lived in an off campus house for most of college. This means I do not get to see my family or my friends from my hometown on a regular basis. My iPhone has made it possible for me to keep in touch with friends and family members scattered all over the globe. When I was in Australia, an American-esqe mixing bowl of nationalities, I met friends that lived in Germany, France, Ireland, Japan, Spain, Italy, Dubai, and many other countries as well. Through iMessaging, Facebook messenger, and apps such as WhatsApp, I can easily communicate with them at any given time, for free! What seems like a $1.99 application, to me, is truly invaluable. I do not underestimate the significance of these methods of instant communication. How else would new media be so popular and possible?!

My Process:

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 11.32.21 AM

I used the MacBook PhotoBooth application to record my video. I then uploaded my recording to YouTube and properly embedded the URL into this post. I used a vibrant, colored tapestry as my background to give off an aura of modernization, like how the iPhone has modernized accessible and immediate communication between individuals and groups of individuals.

5 thoughts on “Video Assignment #2: iPhone Product Review”

  1. Great assignment! It is clear that you are very passionate about how much technology has enabled people to do. You’ve clearly given a lot of though to how different life would be without the accessibility that iPhones provide. I think that it is important sometimes to stop and be thankful for all that we have and all the opportunities that media and technology provide; great job focusing on that!

  2. Great video Hayley! You provided some great information on the ease and use of the iPhone. Include a link to the original assignment page so that we can see which one you did

  3. Your narration of why you chose to do this assignment on the iPhone was very thorough and interesting! Try to use a more creative title for the assignment, but other than that I think you did an awesome job on your video and explanation.

  4. I actually learned a lot from this review – I haven’t used much of the capabilities of my 4S, because I’m so constantly attached to a laptop or desktop. Most of what I use the iPhone for is web browsing when the internet hiccups at our house, and now I know I can have many more things besides just browsing to do with it.

  5. Nice video. I loved my iPhone 5! I don’t think I would ever switch to another brand. I think you should change the title because it’s a little misleading since you are reviewing different apps instead the iPhone itself. Thanks for the app reviews and recommendations though! I also liked the material you covered. Try looking into the camera by having your narration in the middle of your computer screen instead of on the side. This would help with that. Otherwise, I enjoyed watching your video. Good job!

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